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Stickhandling Accessories Pack

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Develop your stickhandling techniques and puck control with this trio of training tools. The Stickhandling Accessories Pack contains the Swedish Stickhandling Ball, Extreme Dryland Puck and Heavy Stickhandling ball. The diversity of weights in this pack allows you to work on different drills while ensuring you develop soft and quick hands that is crucial for every hockey player.


Improves Stickhandling

Product Features

  • Includes various tools to develop soft and quick hands.
  • Extreme Dryland Puck features 12 plastic gliders on both sides for unmatched speed.
  • Extreme Dryland Puck is the same size as a real ice hockey puck, but 1 oz. lighter.
  • For best results use the Swedish Stickhandling Ball on wood, tile, smooth concrete, or even carpeted surfaces.
  • The Swedish Stickhandling ball is the 'Speed bag' of stickhandling training.
  • Heavy Stickhandling Ball improves forearm strength and speed.
  • Use the Heavy Stickhandling Ball for pregame warmups.

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