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Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice: Garage Range

Welcome to the Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice Home Hockey Series, where we feature residential builds across the globe that use the Industry’s Most Complete Synthetic Ice for Hockey Players. This series is specifically designed to showcase the way Extreme Glide set-ups are being used for training at home whether in the garage, basement, backyard or driveway! No space is too big or too small

At HockeyShot, we’re passionate about offering the right surface for your intended skills practice. While we offer 3 types* of Synthetic Ice, we also offer 2 non-skateable Hockey Tiles suited for practicing the best sport in the world!

The MY Projects section on our website was created to provide a visual exhibit of both commercial and residential training spaces that have been completed with at least ONE model of HockeyShot flooring and in most instances, a multitude of other HockeyShot training products.

But it doesn’t stop there! The MY Projects Division at HockeyShot also exists as a team of multiple personnel readily available to communicate via phone, video or email, in order to facilitate consultation in regard to our inline skus, customization of 3rd party product and lastly, piece of mind as it relates to purchase and delivery of your order.

Go ahead and snipe through the project below!

From the ice up, the MY Projects staff have assisted on over 55+ commercial training facilities and 1000+ residential builds outs with Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice.



Let’s admit it- sometimes the garage needs to be re-organized and de-cluttered! But how about a complete hockey facelift? Well, when you live in a southern state and your garage isn’t a necessity to keep winter precipitation at bay, then you can make the decision to build a skills range inside, while the car stays out in the driveway.

A concrete slab is the most ideal substrate for laying down synthetic ice panels. There is no give to the surface, usually there are no major dips or deviations (save for a drain) and concrete stays relatively cool if not in direct sunlight. Our Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice panels with dovetail connections are virtually seamless with a polished concrete substrate.

When it comes to the surrounding containment, this client created a U-Shape range with radius corners to offer a legit board functionality for rims. He also double stacked the white puck board above the regulation 42” to give  that added protection on deflections off the cross bar or missed attempts.

This dream garage was built using the following:

  • 20’W x 20’ L with Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice (4’x8’-3/8” & 4x4-3/8”)
  • Dasher Plastics Kit: 42” White Puck Board, 5” Yellow Kick Strip, 3” Red Top Sill

My Projects staff can assist with this material

Synthetic ice garage setup