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Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice: MCT Sports Training

Welcome to the Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice Training Center Series, where we feature hockey facilities across the globe that use the Industry’s Most Complete Synthetic Ice for Hockey Players. This series is specifically designed to showcase the way Extreme Glide set-ups are being used for training all levels of players and to highlight the superior performance of this surface as it relates directly to translatable skating mechanics & skill development. 

 At HockeyShot, we’re passionate about offering the right surface for your intended skills practice. While we offer 3 types* of Synthetic Ice, we also offer 2 non-skateable Hockey Tiles suited for practicing the best sport in the world!  

The MY Projects section on our website was created to provide a visual exhibit of both commercial and residential training spaces that have been completed with at least ONE model of HockeyShot flooring and in most instances, a multitude of other HockeyShot training products. 

But it doesn’t stop there! The MY Projects Division at HockeyShot also exists as a team of multiple personnel readily available to communicate via phone, video or email, in order to facilitate consultation in regard to our inline skus, customization of 3rd party product and lastly, piece of mind as it relates to purchase and delivery of your order. 

Go ahead and snipe through the project below!  

From the ice up, the MY Projects staff have assisted on over 55+ commercial training facilities and 1000+ residential builds outs with Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice 


For this feature, we present a 9-photo sequence posted on our @eg_synthetic_ice Instagram account. These are photos received by one of the 2 owners who operate the 10,000 sqft MCT Sports Training facility located in Yorba Linda, CA 

Reed Kinsey- @rkgoalies & Craig Carlyle- @carlyle_elite_hockey are two figureheads in the San Diego hockey community. Having felt some crunch on the lack of peak ice time hours, they partnered up and invested in a multi year lease on a new warehouse build- where MCT came to light in summer 2021 

While Reed Kinsey focuses heavily on all ages of elite goaltending, Craig handles much of the skills and player development for the Jr Gulls (San Diego’s premier organization).  

As such it was imperative to have a heap of versatile space for multiple goalies on a surface at once, while offering distance and interesting angles for positioning on shots. For the players, they were looking to offer everything from high reps on shots (shooting lane) to an individual’s edgework and body positioning within a decent size area to operate at game speed, with the puck. 

The finished product, from a build out standpoint, was a unique containment system using chain link fence and suspended protective netting, to offer an open air type experience. 

Aside from the dryland and weights area seen in the photos, the upper level also boasts a batting tunnel with hittrax technology. Additionally, there is a gaming room on-site for those athletes looking to unwind after their session or who simply want a place to chill amongst friends. 

Here are the hockey highlights of MCT: 

  • 32’ x 44’ of Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice (4x8-1/2”) for Large Skills Pad 
  • 5 Goalie Creases in the Extreme Glide 
  • Added 5” Navy Blue Kick Plate for perimeter of chain link  
  • 16’ x 44’ for separate Extreme Glide (4x4-3/8”) Shooting Lane  
  • 2 Custom Printed Tarps (8’H x 16’L with pockets) 
  • 5 Welded Regulation Nets 
  • 1 ProSharp HOME Machine 

Big shoutout to Reed who came all the way out to Toronto, ON to try the Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice before investing in HockeyShot. He is now one of 3 operational facilities in California with our premier performance panels- the other two being in the LA area- Apex Training Facility (Glendale, CA) & LA Kings Off Ice Training Center (El Segundo, CA) 

The MY Projects team loved working the boys at MCT and it’s been so nice to see the way the athletes move on their surface. Shorts, Skates and Sun!