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Attack Triangle Review

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This weeks featured product is the Attack Triangle Pro. This is a hockey training aid that will help you become more creative and develop new moves. A lot of hockey players will practice stickhandling at home and on the ice, we usually set up a line of pucks or pylons to stickhandle around. The Attack Triangle Pro provides a more game like obstacle.

Purpose - The purpose of the Attack Triangle Pro is to provide a game like obstacle. Using pylons or pucks gives hockey players something to stickhandle around, but the Attack Triangle Pro provides “lanes” like under the stick and through the legs. This obstacle will encourage hockey players to think of and practice new moves and be more creative.

Price - The Attack Triangle Pro sells for $59.95 (USD) on The pro model is made for heavier use and will work better on the ice.

What You Get - The Attack Triangle Pro comes in five pieces that easily fit together to form the shape of a players skates and stick. For added re-enforcement you can put in some screws that also come with the Attack Triangle Pro.

How It Works

Who Would Benefit? - This would be a really good training aid to use if you have a few kids that play hockey, or if you have regular backyard hockey games. This can also be used off the ice for ball hockey and off-ice training. If you, or your kids practice stickhandling on a regular basis then the Attack Triangle Pro would be a nice addition to your hockey training aid collection.

Assembly - It was really easy to put the Attack Triangle Pro together, there were five pieces and each one easily fit together (using male and female ends) if you want to really keep them in place you can use screws, but I just pushed the pieces together so it would be easier to dis-assemble later.

Does it Work - The concept of the Attack Triangle Pro is so simple that it would be hard for it not to work. The triangle was fun to use as opposed to a pylon or a row of pucks. The odd time I would hit the Attack Triangle Pro and a piece would come off so I would have to put it back together, I guess I should have installed those screws after all!

Overall Thoughts

Penalty Box

There are not to many things that I could find wrong with the triangle, it is so simple that it is hard to find a fault. The only thing that I could think of is that it sells for $30, you would think that a few plastic pieces would sell for much less.

  • Easy to assemble and use
  • Promotes creative thinking and quick thinking during training
  • Better resembles "lanes" that a puck will need to travel through on the ice
  • Creates a more game-like environment for off-ice training
  • Will encourage players to think of new moves and try more creative moves during practice

Attack Triangle Pro

The interactive Attack Triangle Pro is designed to challenge players by replicating the positioning of an opponents skates and stick. The Attack Triangle forces players to develop puck movement skills.

Visit the Attack Triangle Pro page