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CCM Ice Hockey Tournaments


When you combine the world’s largest AAA hockey tournament, Coach Jeremy from How To Hockey, social phenoms Olly and Jacob from On the Bench , the Hanson Brothers from cult classic, Slap Shot and of course new training products from; you get the CCM World Invite!

Taking place in Chicago, this premier AAA youth hockey ice tournament features Elite AAA Division and AA Division players. Top teams from North America and around the world come participate in the event every year, in hopes of winning it all.

HockeyShot was thrilled to help CCM kick off the annual hockey season in Chicago. During the 2017 event, taking place November 3rd – 5th 2017, we joined forces with Bench Boss, Coach Jeremy to bring new and exciting hockey skills and training to the CCM Invite. Jeremy has been running How to Hockey full time since 2014. He is dedicated to helping people of all ages and skill levels develop their skills and gain a passion for hockey through online web tutorials and articles, bringing skill enhancing knowledge to people no matter their location or resources. It’s always fun to stand witness to the hundreds of children and parents alike who crowd him for questions and autographs at these special events!

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The CCM Invite in Chicago consisted of 524 teams, 9,956 players and 1,162 games played over the course of one of the most exciting weekends we have ever been a part of. HockeyShot is always stationed in the Exhibition Tent where you could come check out our Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles, Passing Kits and Sauce Kits! Rated #4 on the World’s Top 13 Tournament list, the CCM Tournaments are unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

In addition to the amazing work that CCM has accomplished in Chicago, during summer 2018 HockeyShot will be in attendance for the largest European hockey tournament in Bled, Slovenia. Taking place from July 29th – August 5th, 2018, this tournament focuses on giving young people the opportunity to play against teams from all over the world, while also attending cultural tours and events. Hockey in Bled has long been a tradition, and with help of tournaments such as the CCM Euro Invite we can continue to grow the love of hockey in Europe.

In its 9th year of operation, the CCM Euro Invite has previously taken place in cities such as Moscow, Stockholm, Prague, Helsinki and Bratislava. These countries are fitting places for this event because they have produced some of the greatest NHL players of all time, such as Erik Karlsson (Sweden), Jaromír Jágr (Czech Republic), Alexander Ovechkin (Russia) and Teemu Selanne (Finland) to name a few! It is safe to say that the National Hockey League, especially in recent years is hard to imagine without European players.

Erik Karlsson Jaromír Jágr Alexander Ovechkin Teemu Selanne

Canadians lead the scoreboard in 2016/17 for the most number of citizens that play hockey, with a whopping 639,500 people involved in the sport followed by 543,239 Americans according to the IIHF. However, following closely behind these two hockey powerhouses (given the population difference) is the Czech Republic, Russia, Finland and Sweden, where many of the CCM World Euro Tournaments have taken place. When combining those four countries they total just about half of the Canadian players, at 345,840 people.

It is our goal at HockeyShot that by partnering with worldwide tournament providers such as CCM we will be able to increase these numbers and bring the joy of the game and love of the sport to international hockey fans.

The next CCM Annual Invite in Chicago will take place in November 2nd – 4th, 2018. This is posed to be one of the most exciting years ever, with HockeyShot providing even more product giveaways, displaying new products such as the Crowd Goes Wild Shooting Tarp, great for young enthusiasts, or our Roll Up Shooting Pad, which is ideal for travellers looking to throw down and save their expensive stick from asphalt wear. HockeyShot will also be handing out free t-shirts, bracelets and revving up for the secret Grand Prize Giveaway!

Don’t miss out on the world’s largest AAA hockey tournament! You never know what celebrities might show up or what great HockeyShot products you could go home with. Get your teams together, lace up your skates, and we will see you there.