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BTNL & HockeyShot Brand-Ovation


This summer HockeyShot has once again partnered with Dan Ninkovich of Beyond the Next Level (BTNL) Sports Performance in Oakville, Ontario. Along with extensive schooling, Dan is a certified sports conditioning specialist, certified youth fitness trainer and therapist and a registered nutritional counselor. Dan and the BTNL team work to create individualized programs that provide ‘a well-balanced regimen of strength training, neurological enhancement and sport specific movement training’.

Using HockeyShot’s Premium Product Line, both parties have created a great partnership together which help athletes of all ages and levels maximize their athletic potential. Have a look at the BTNL facility, outfitted with all the latest HockeyShot Products and decals for upcoming Summer Hockey Camps and Pro Hockey Camps.

In this photo, you can see the HockeyShot Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice to the right, with a state of the art gym through the windows. BTNL takes your fitness seriously, and with this prime facility you can exercise and improve every aspect of your game!


HockeyShot brand is all around the facility as of spring 2018! Equipped with TV’s, lockers, ping pong tables, and a hot tub, the BTNL changing rooms are fully stocked with everything a player could dream of.

Players from all walks of life come together to bond over the new HockeyShot Products available at the BTNL Training Centre. Here, HockeyShot President JP Brun and newly acquired global ambassador, Pavel Barber can be seen thinking up all the new ways they can utilize the HockeyShot Extreme Defender.

JP Brun and Pavel Barber

Pavel Barber is HockeyShot’s stick handling specialist who after growing obsessed with Pavel Datsyuk as a child, dedicated his life to helping others improve their game. As Barber says,

Skating and stickhandling complement each other, and it should never be one or the other. No matter what your position, you should want to feel confident with the puck out there.
Pavel Barber

As you can see, the BTNL training area is fully equipped with a Synthetic Ice Shooting Lane, as well as fresh new decals provided by Hockey Shot. Because everyone wishes they could practice their game indoors sometimes, HockeyShot and BTNL have brought that vision to life with our artificial skating surfaces.


Along with the Extreme Glide Synthetic Ice, BTNL has a whole new lineup of hockey training equipment. Pictured above you can see our Extreme Defender, perfect for those looking to up their Attack Triangle Pro game. You can also see Hockey Shot’s Extreme Danglers and Extreme Passers. Both are optimized training aids to help you improve your game on and off the ice.