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HockeyShot Extreme Passer Pro Review

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Want to work on your dangles, shooting and passing? The HockeyShot Extreme Passer Pro could be the perfect training aid for you! With this new rebounder from you can work on a number of different skills off-ice or on the ice.

In this video I give you a close-up look of the Extreme Passer Pro and explain all of the features.

What is the Extreme Passer Pro?

Unlike the new Extreme Passing Kit - which is a rebounder and shooting pad in 1 - Extreme Passer Pro is a standalone pass rebounder that is designed to be used anywhere! All you need is a smooth surface like a shooting pad, smooth cement, or hockey training tiles. Of course you can also use it on the ice (like I do in the 2nd review video below).

Extreme Passer Pro Specs

  • Weighs 20 pounds - heaviest on the market to ensure it doesn't get knocked around.
  • Heavy duty HDPE plastic mold makes it very durable.
  • Two bungee cords allow two people to use the rebounder at once.
  • 37" front makes it the biggest rebounder on the market.
  • Can be used on or off ice.
  • Beveled front plate keeps puck flat.
  • Bungee cords rebound the pucks better than elastic band rebounders.
  • Can be used with pucks, Green Biscuits and other training pucks.

Cool Features

I really like the double bungee cord feature! There is a bungee cord at the front, and a smaller one at the back. This means you can use both sides by yourself and come up with some creative drills, or two people can use it at once.

Another cool feature is the built in allan key that is used to activate the spikes in the footings. The spikes will help the unit stay put while being used on the ice.

How well does the Extreme Passer Pro Work?

I am very impressed with how well it rebounds pucks. The pass back is very crisp and for the most part accurate. The only time you will get a bad pass from the rebounder is if you give it a bad pass.

The only time I found it was challenging to work with the Extreme Passer pro was from a distance, and when I was skating past the rebounder and trying to give myself a give and go or bank pass.

On-Ice Test and Review

HockeyShot Extreme Passer Pro

Step up your passing game with HockeyShot’s Extreme Passer™ Pro. You can use it to work on shuffle passes, bullet crosses and even long leaders thanks to its wider passing slot. And with its new dual sided passing lanes you can now use it with a partner! Every team needs a HockeyShot Extreme Passer™ Pro!

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