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HockeyShot Extreme Shooting Tarp Review

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A fabulous tool for budding goal scorers, HockeyShot's Extreme Shooting Tarp has seven targets to work with, and is the only shooting tarp to feature a goalie staring back at you.

It's also a very handy tool for parents of young players because it will eliminate the threat of broken windows, scuffed walls or worse thanks to its size, fabric quality, double needle lock-stitch seams and reinforced nylon edging.

Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a green rookie, the freedom to work on your shot whenever you want will do nothing but improve your game, make you more valuable to your team and get you closer to glory.

HockeyShot Extreme Shooting Tarp

If you want the glory of a goal-scorer you have to practice your shot. HockeyShot’s Extreme Hockey Shooting Tarp lets you do that without the fear of damaging a wall or breaking a window. You can set it up inside or outside in any weather and get to work.

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