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HockeyShot Sauce Phenom Product Spotlight

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HockeyShot’s Sauce Phenom all-in-one mini goal is the ultimate hockey tool for mastering your sauce passes and improving your accuracy.

The Sauce Phenom is perfect for incorporating into your drills and is great for all hockey players of any level. You can even pair it with a second net to sauce with a teammate or friend!

This is the ultimate pond hockey style net. The base of the Sauce Phenom is ramped up, so the puck or ball heading towards it will slide right up into the net. If you don't want the ramp, it's removable with one click. If you’re playing pond hockey and don’t want anything interfering with your shot or pass from going in the net, the entire base can be completely removed.

The Sauce Phenom is built with new and upgraded heavy-duty materials, including rigid steel, high-strength netting and weather-resistant plastic, making this mini net more durable than ever. All of the materials are UV treated, so if it’s left out in the sun or out on the ice, it will last longer. It also comes with a zipper pouch skirting on the back which can hold up to six pucks, wax, hockey tape and more! Added weight can also be put in the pouch to help secure the net in place.

The base of the Sauce Phenom allows you to carry multiple pucks in the net for easy transportation to and from the rink. Fold the clip-on ramp up, lock it in with the clasp, and there you have a secure place to carry your pucks when travelling. The Sauce Phenom is also completely foldable by pushing in the pushpins on either side to fold it down in half, making it easy to store or carry in a backpack. Take it to school, the rink or to the pond; the Sauce Phenom can go with you anywhere! To make transportation even easier, you can use the adjustable carrying strap to carry over your shoulder and take with you on the go.

In addition to versatility and mobility, the Sauce Phenom also features:
  • Removable ramped base
  • New and improved heavy-duty materials
  • Completely foldable
  • Adjustable carrying strap
  • UV-treated components

  • Visit the Sauce Phenom page to learn more.