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HockeyShot Sauce Phenom Review

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Thought hockey drills couldn’t get any better? Think again. The all-new HockeyShot Sauce Phenom is the ultimate 3-in-1 mini goal to help improve your pass and shot accuracy.

This mini goal is perfect for road hockey, pond hockey, and ball hockey. It comes with a ramp just like our normal sauce nets, however with the Sauce Phenom, the ramp can be easily removed, creating a ramped base perfect for balls and pucks to easily slide into. You also have the flexibility to fully remove the base to go for the complete pond hockey style.

The HockeyShot Sauce Phenom is slightly larger than our previous version while still being very portable. This travel-friendly net is completely foldable making it easy to store in your backpack or Pond Pack, along with all of your other hockey accessories. If you want to carry the net by itself, you can use the adjustable carry strap, sling it around your shoulder, and carry it by your side. The zippered skirt runs along the bottom of the net which allows you to carry up to 6 pucks. The portability of this product makes it the perfect accessory to any hockey rips with friends whether it’s on the pond or on the driveway!

The HockeyShot Sauce Phenom is built with new and improved heavy-duty materials. We have made this mini goal with upgraded steel, netting, plastics and hardware so that it withstands those beauty passes coming its way. Practicing your accuracy with this mini goal will help with those saucer tape to tape passes on the ice. All of the materials made for the Sauce Phenom have been UV treated to ensure the colour and materials last. On the bottom of the mini goal, there are plastic feet which allow the net to be easily secured to the Sauce Phenom Launch Pad.

Daniel Porter, Product Manager at HockeyShot, says that “durability and versatility are a focus of the design of the Sauce Phenom. The quality of the materials, convenient features, and the removable ramp and base make it unlike any other mini-net out there”. The HockeyShot Sauce Phenom is perfect for any hockey occasion and will improve your game while still having fun.

If you want to perfect your saucing even further, you can do so with the Sauce Tutor. Acting as a compact shooter tutor, the Sauce Tutor covers the top area of the goal, allowing only a tiny space in the middle open for a saucer to fly in. Since this makes the aim and sauce so precise, getting it into the net means it would’ve landed smoothly right on the tape. The tough, two-layers of reinforced nylon, along with bungee cords, will guarantee any outside passes to be denied by the Tutor! The Sauce Tutor allows you to practice dishing out the most precise sauce passes, making your sauce game A1.

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