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HockeyShot Train at Home Hockey Kit Product Spotlight

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Maximize your training space and time. The HockeyShot Train at Home Hockey kits offer everything you need to train from the comfort of your own home. This allows players to train either indoors or outdoors, with minimal setup. Your hockey skills don’t need an entire garage or basement to improve, with this kit, everything will fit in a compact area ready for you to start training. 

This kit includes our All-Star Dryland Flooring Tiles, simulating the feel of on-ice stickhandling and shooting. These tiles are a fan favourite, featuring an improved formula and finish that offers our slickest and smoothest puck-handling experience ever!

To enhance the experience with the tiles, are the HockeyShot Puck Stopper Edging and Smooth Edging pieces. Designed to keep your pucks in your space, the Puck Stopper Edging also helps to keep your walls free of any more scuff marks. The Smooth Edging makes it easier to bring your fly away pucks back onto your training surface. Too much valuable time is wasted fetching the loose pucks, so use the Smooth Edging to scoop them back up to get back to your shooting, passing and/or stickhandling drills! These two edging options easily attach to the All-Star Dryland Flooring Tiles to create a finished look. 

Also included is the Edge Rebounding Foam which can be attached to any vertical surface. Designed to adhere to the Puck Stopper Edging, this creates a rebounder which will help you with passing drills, or set-ups for one-timers. The Edge Rebounding Foam is not only the most affordable rebounding system on the market, but also extremely durable, allowing it to keep up with over thousands of your strong passes. It help improve your pass strength, give and go’s and pass reception all in one product. Focus on your forehand and backhanded passes. You can easily incorporate these passes into your stickhandling or shooting drills. Feel free to be super creative!

The Extreme Dryland Puck and Swedish Stickhandling Ball are included to practice your stickhandling. The Extreme Dryland Puck is the same size as a traditional hockey puck. Along with a textured edging, it has 12 gliders on both slides for enhanced speed on your All-Star Dryland tiles. The Swedish Stickhandling Ball lets players to work on their speed and agility while stickhandling. One of the best training balls on the market, this wooden ball helps develops soft, quick hands, giving players a winning edge.

The Train at Home Hockey Kit is a starter kit with the core training products all in one package. All of the products in this kit are extremely durable and will hold up for a long lifespan. You can build upon these kits by adding more training accessories to create various drills to help develop new skills. These kits are made in Canada and provide everything you need to maximize your training space.

The Train At Home Hockey Kits are available in two configurations, the Rookie kit and the All-Star kit, allowing you to get what best fits your space:

The Rookie kit (18 sq. ft.) includes:

  • (8) Dryland Flooring Tiles All-Star Edition
  • (3) Puck Stopper Edges
  • (3) Edge Rebounding Foam
  • (1) Smooth Edging
  • (1) Extreme Dryland Puck
  • (1) Swedish Stickhandling Wooden Ball 

The All-Star kit (27 sq. ft.) includes:

  • (12) Dryland Flooring Tiles All-Star Edition
  • (4) Puck Stopper Edges
  • (4) Edge Rebounding Foam
  • (2) Smooth Edging
  • (1) Extreme Dryland Puck
  • (1) Swedish Stickhandling Wooden Ball 

Some of the other great features of this kit are:

  • Great option for a smaller space
  • Assemble and disassemble in minutes!
  • Patented symmetrical tiles clip together in any direction
  • UV protection and weather-resistant treatment to withstand outdoor cold and heat

Maximize your training with the At Home Training kit! Get on the grind and start improving your hockey game right at home.

Visit the Train At Home Kit page to learn more.