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HockeyShot Extreme Defender Product Spotlight

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The Extreme Defender is the ultimate training product for simulating an actual defender. It is important to practice with obstacles in front of the goalie, as this is usually how it would be in a real game scenario. The Extreme Defender is the perfect training buddy to help you practice stickhandling around a defender, passing through a defender, or even shooting past a defender.

The Extreme Defender shape is set up to mimic the base of a real player, with a pair of skates on the ice and the blade of stick in front of them. The shape of the Extreme Defender helps players visualize the opponent and to get a better understanding of their passing lanes. The stick comes with a hinge, allowing you to practice lifting the stick for corner drills, battle drills, and even to help simulate face-offs and takeaways. This is perfect for players to work on their dekes and master their sauce passes!

Take the Extreme Defender anywhere by easily folding it and retracting the stick for easy transportation. It can fit into most hockey bags so it’s easy for coaches or players looking to train in different settings. The handle at the top also makes it hangable, ideal for either hanging on the wall in your garage, or your training space. Constructed by light weight high-impact plastic and aluminum, the Extreme Defender is very durable for on or off-ice use. Mooring pins help to eliminate sliding on both ice and other surfaces.

Practice on getting around those opposing defenders! The Extreme Defender improves all skills associated with being strong on the puck. If you want to simulate practicing like there's a real defender with you, try out our Extreme Defender by HockeyShot today.

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