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HockeyShot’s Involvement in Youth Hockey


We wanted to highlight all the youth hockey events, camps, tournaments, and initiatives that we’ve participated in during the last few years in hopes of highlighting young players and making hockey more accessible.

Youth Hockey Events in the Maritimes

As a Canadian company, based out of Moncton, New Brunswick; HockeyShot takes pride in having a presence at youth hockey events across the entire country. Some of the most energetic events we've sponsored have been in the Maritimes because of locals' unrelenting passion for hockey. Check out our Shows & Events Blog for some highlights from youth hockey events in Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island, and New Brunswick.

Youth Hockey Events in Central Canada
Youth Hockey

At the heart of our nation, hockey at the youth level is thriving. HockeyShot is delighted to be involved with so many strong hockey traditions in Central Canada. We just opened our multipurpose facility which we call HockeyShot’s Center of Excellence (C.O.E for short) which is located in the Greater Toronto Area. Every time we have the chance to sponsor youth hockey events, we are greeted with passion and love for the game.

Female Youth Hockey Events in Canada

In recent years, since the 1990 Inaugural Women’s World Ice Hockey Championships in Ottawa, female hockey has seen a huge spike in popularity. HockeyShot is proud to support the growth of Women’s Hockey in Canada, beginning with the development of female youth players nationwide. Since the first-ever IIHF Women’s World Champions in 1990 female hockey registration in Canada has grown from 8,000 players to over 100,000 registered players in 2018. We’re excited to watch these numbers grow, as it’s expected that numbers of females playing hockey will continue to increase not just in Canada but across the globe.

HockeyShot teams up each year with our friends from the Canadian Women’s National Team to offer more opportunities to female hockey players across Canada. 

Youth Hockey Events in the U.S.

South of the border, hockey is alive and thriving at the youth level. The United States plays host to a number of exciting youth hockey events that HockeyShot is proud to sponsor and be involved in.

HockeyShot is extremely proud to have been involved with all of the youth hockey events, camps, tournaments, and initiatives that we’ve participated in during the last few years. Our hope with everything we do, is to help young players improve their game and make hockey more accessible._x000B_


We couldn’t be more happy to be given the chance to bring the same to more young fans and players. The next few years are set to be a busy for HockeyShot. We are looking forward to sharing more of the fantastic youth hockey events that we take part in.

Youth players are the driving force in the hockey world and HockeyShot is proud to support them every step of the way! As our mission statement says THE FUTURE OF HOCKEY STARTS NOW!