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Rapid Athlete Development - 2018


Last year HockeyShot partnered with Beebe Hockey Camps, based out of Los Angeles, which has grown into one of the premier non-boarding hockey camps in the United States.

Now operating under Rapid Hockey Development or RAD Hockey, the 2018 events are looking to be the best yet!

RAD Hockey have welcomed over 500 campers in Los Angeles, Park City, Waterloo, Nashville, Birmingham, and Kalamazoo. They host camps ranging from Open Camps for athletes ages 7-10, to Elite AAA Camps, private training and women’s showcases. Over the past 5 years RAD Hockey has perfected a curriculum of off-ice and on-ice activities to enhance skill development, retain attentiveness, and foster a love of the game.

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During the multiple RAD Hockey tournaments and camps that happen throughout the year HockeyShot will be there to supply some freebies like our Extreme Dryland Puck. The RAD Hockey camps have been attended by numerous NHL Stars, including Troy Bodie, former Toronto Maple Leaf. When asked about the RAD Hockey camp and the importance of HockeyShot’s participation, Bodie stated:

The campers benefit greatly from the support from sponsors like HockeyShot and it helps us give the kids the best camp experience possible”.

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Some people question the amount of hockey in warmer US states such as Arizona, Florida and RAD’s home base, California. However, with the trade of Wayne Gretzky to the LA Kings in 1988 and the Winnipeg Jets moving to Arizona in 1996, the sport has gained lots of popularity. Although ice and sun aren’t usually connected products like HockeyShot Synthetic Ice come in handy to help make NHL all-stars out of anyone, no matter where you live.

Auston Matthews, currently of the Toronto Maple Leafs, told CBC:

"A lot of people, when they hear you play hockey and you're from Arizona, kind of have this mindset where they don't even think there's hockey down there," Matthews said, "but I never really thought about it too much as far as that goes. I always had a goal to make the NHL. It doesn't matter where you're playing."

Matthews is joined in the ranks of highly acclaimed NHL Stars from warmer states by Jakob Chychrun of Boca Raton, Fla, as well as other high-profile NHL Players.

According to USA Hockey's annual participation statistics, the number of 18-and-under players in Arizona increased from 2,836 during the 2005-06 season to 3,803 in 2015-16, a 34% gain. Neighbor state California, which has had three NHL franchises for nearly 23 years, reported a spike of 54% from 7,589 in 2005-06 to 11,680 in 2015-16. National leader Minnesota, by comparison, saw a 10% jump from 43,053 to 47,367 over that span. In fact, in the 15 seasons since the NHL last expanded, in 2000-01, nine Stanley Cup finals series have featured a team from California, Florida or North Carolina, all states that boast warm sunny weather for the majority of the year. Clearly, the passion surrounding the sport of hockey can thrive in any weather, and we at HockeyShot love to support and nurture the talent coming out of these unexpected states.

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HockeyShot is passionate about bringing the love of hockey to everyone, regardless of location or income. Organizations such as RAD Hockey is what it’s all about and they help us to expand our network while meeting some of the most passionate athletes, parents and trainers out there. This is why HockeyShot advertises our products in California / Arizona based magazines such as Rubber Hockey, and will continue to promote and support sunny state hockey tournaments.