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Must Have Hockey Training Gear of 2017


For hockey enthusiasts like us, it could be 38°C (100°F for our American friends) with the humidity in July, or -38°C (-36°F) in February; we’re always looking for opportunities to pass and shoot the puck!

You can’t always gather enough friends for a game of 3 on 3, and sometimes your kid sister is the most talented kid in the neighborhood to strap on the goalie pads. If you’ve got the right gear, then it’s game on, right?

Unless you’re playing road hockey, and a CAR comes. First, you let it pass. Then it’s game on again!

The HockeyShot team, with help from our loyal customers and friends voted for our top products for 2017. Take a read through our list - these products are proven effective for rookies and pros alike.

Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles

Just because the hockey season is over, and the pond thawed a couple of months ago doesn’t mean you can’t strap on your skates and play shinny with your buddies. Our Synthetic Ice Revolution Tiles are lightweight, snap together fast, and don’t need any lubrication - you can skate on them right out of the box. If you lay the tiles out in your garage for rainy days, you can park your car right on them. Don’t risk leaving your 1971 Mustang Sports-roof (A.K.A. Eleanor) outside at night - somebody might take it for a 60-second joy ride!

You don’t need to set up boards for a friendly game - you can keep the puck in play with our Puck Stopper Edging. Whether it’s hot or cold outside, you can practice power skating, stopping, take shots on net and feel like you’re skating on a smooth sheet of ice. Want more details on Synthetic Revolution Ice Tiles? Jump on this link for a demonstration video, dimensions, and answers to some of the questions our customers asked before they bought their set of tiles.

Both the tiles and edging are available with quantity discounts, so the bigger your synthetic ice surface, the more you save. The tiles are 18” x 18” in terms of coverage area, and about a half an inch thick, for a durable surface to practice.

All-Star Dryland Flooring Tiles

We’ve been selling Dryland Flooring tiles for quite a while now, and we’ve sold a lot of them. Since they’re so popular, we’ve raised the quality bar even higher with the Allstar Edition. You don’t have to be an elite hockey player or skater to use them, but it will help you down the road to being one. You won’t lose the use of your basement if you install these tiles on the floor because they are resistant to stick handling and textured for resilience. Also makes for a great rec-room surface.

hockey training surface

Whether you set up your tiles in your garage, basement, or the gym at school - these Allstar Edition Flooring Tiles are good for inside, outside and are weather-resistant. They assemble fast so you can spend less time building your practice surface, and more time training to be an all-star when you can’t get to the arena. You don’t need to smear liquids or goops on these tiles, they are ready for use once fastened together, with or without the Puck Stopper Edging.

Extreme Radar 2.0

Do you ever get tired of neighborhood kids walking by when you’re taking shots on net in your driveway? You know the type, they say “Gosh, Mister, how fast was that shot? You must have been in the NHL, or something. I’ve never seen anyone shoot that hard!” Whether you are tired of that, or maybe you wish they would start saying that, the HockeyShot Extreme Radar 2.0 is a great way to showcase your shooting prowess.

You could be sniping shots alone, or maybe you’re a coach training your team to score more goals. Either way, the bright LED display and announcement features make it easy to discover your shot speed, and the speed recall feature lets you compare up to ten shots to track or compare your progress vs other players.

Want to see how the Extreme Radar 2.0 works, with its sturdy tripod and bold digital display? Here’s a link, but you’ll have to check your internet speed somewhere else, our radar is for hockey pucks and lacrosse balls.

Slide Board Pro

To build up your leg muscles, enhance your balance and endurance, and improve your skating skills, you can’t go wrong with the Slide Board Pro. It’s fun to use, adjustable to different lengths, and comes with a cool set of Slide Board Booties for extra slide-y goodness. You read that right – bootie, bootie, booties!

The Slide Board Pro is a great way to practice your stride in your hotel before a game, in the lobby before a game, and in front of the fridge after a game. There are many workouts you can source from our friend Jeremy Rupke at How to Hockey, so you can increase your leg strength, balance, agility and even muscles in your core and arms. Get the deets on the Slide Board Pro, and its big brother the G1 Slide Board.

hockey slide board

If you want to improve your skating technique and power, we have Slide Boards in all sorts of shape and sizes. You can add passing kits and other accessories too for a more comprehensive workout.

Sauce Phenom Bundle & Travel Bundle

If you want to work on your shot targeting, hacking away at a regulation sized net with a standard puck or a biscuit is pretty limiting. If you dragged a regular net to your local park, you’ll have lots of fun, but who wants to drag a big net home when your arms are rubbery from sniping shots for hours?

Or if you’re playing on your driveway on asphalt, your stick will be a tape shredded, wood-splintered mess in no time. Our Sauce Phenom Bundle & Travel Bundle sets include a shooting pad to protect your stick, the Sauce Phenom to catch your pucks, and lightweight Sauce Biscuits. At poolside? Rock the Sauce Phenom Bundle and shoot biscuits into the Sauce Phenom. Try that with your regulation net, and you’ll have to play scuba hockey. At the campground, beach or the cottage? Bring your Sauce Kit for hours of fun. Think you’d do that with your traditional net? Not likely.

Improve your sharpshooting skills with the Sauce Phenom and play games like Hockey Golf, H-O-R-S-E or just impress your friends with your speed and accuracy. Got a family barbecue coming up? Everyone will want you to bring the Sauce Phenom Bundle, and you’ll get out of doing dishes!

Extreme Goal & 2D Backstop

Love practicing your wrist shots, snap shots and slapshots in the driveway? Only problem is your parents, wife, or husband get angry when your shots hit the garage door. Well the Hockeyshot Goal and Backstop combo will stop wide shots, minimize the number of times you have to chase your pucks into the street, stop dents in your new car and protects curious cats, enthusiastic dogs and prize-winning plants from harm.

Are you looking to practice banking shots off the adjustable side nets and slip a shot through the Extreme Shooter Tutor, or go top shelf with Extreme Targets? Or maybe you just want to give your kids a bigger target to shoot at and minimize the damage to your home? Either way, you’ll love the Extreme Goal & 2D Backstop.

hockey nets and backstops

Do you agree that these products are the best hockey training gear for your needs? If you’ve found something else which has raised your on-ice or off-ice training routine, let us know. We love hockey as much as you do, and we want to continue to bring you the equipment and advice which helps you meet your playing performance goals. We will see you on social media!