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Off-Ice Training Dryland Tiles Review

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It's common knowledge by now that to evolve your hockey game you need to practice your skills even when you're off the ice. This has become increasingly simple thanks to a wealth of new products and services available to anyone trying to take their game to the next level.

This video reviews the first generation of the HockeyShot Dryland Flooring Tiles, an ice-simulated surface that allows you to practice anything from receiving a pass to firing a shot on goal. The tiles come in 18 by 18 inch squares, and can be purchased in any quantity you desire. This is perfect for people who have different sized areas where they want to practice. No matter what your need is, HockeyShot has you covered, literally! The All-Star version can be found HERE!

Perfect for Any Skill Level!

We recommend starting out with at least 10 tiles, so you have a decent area to get comfortable with the puck, while also being able to practice your shot. The most impressive part of HockeyShot tiles is how easy they are to assemble. You simply line up the matching ends of each tile, and with just the pressure of your hand snap the pieces together to give you an instant practice surface.

Extra Durable

These hockey training tiles are worth the investment alone in durability. They're perfect for the garage or driveway, and can even withstand the weight of a parked car. They don't require any upkeep or maintenance other than the occasional sweep to keep the simulated ice surface ideal. If you do notice any wear or tear on your tiles, simply use a furniture cleaner to return that shine to your surface.

Easy Installation

What's so great about the versatility of this surface and the lock-together mechanism of the tiles is that you can use them for anything. Whether you buy 10 or 100, there's always a way to take advantage. If your surface is large enough, you can set up multiple stations to practice your stick handling, invite a friend over to practice crisp passes, or hammer away at the net with your best slap shot.

HS Dryland Tile Installation

There is no maximum or minimum order size for the tiles, which means you never need to feel pressured into buying more. HockeyShot tiles are perfect for any skill level, which makes them a great investment for anyone from serious players to house-league hockey families!