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Sauce Games: 21 (Twenty-One)


Twenty-One, or 21, is a great game to play one-on-one or in teams. With multiple ways to score, teams can play to their strengths to make the most of each turn. Try going bar-down for an extra point and bragging rights.

Here is a breakdown of the rules for a game of 21:

    • A game is played to twenty-one (21 points. The first team or player to reach 21 points wins the game.
    • A team or player can either score one (1) point or three (3) points per saucer pass.
    • One (1) point is earned when a team or player makes a saucer pass that lands and/or slides on the opposing HockeyShot Shooting Pad before entering the HS Sauce Phenom.
    • Three (3) points is scored when a team or player makes a saucer pass that enters the HockeyShot Sauce Phenom without landing or sliding on the HockeyShot Shooting Pad.
    • Bar-Down/Post-In – When a team or player makes a saucer pass that enters the HS Sauce Phenom by hitting either post or crossbar without landing or sliding on the HS Shooting Pad, that team or player is awarded one (1) extra point, thus receiving a total of four (4) points.
    • Earning Points – Each team or player must outscore their opponent each round. The difference in score at the end of the round is your total earned points.
  • Example: If Team A scores a total of seven (7) points and Team B scores a total of five (5) points. Team A would have won the round by scoring a total of two (2) points.
  • Tipping/ Interference – If a game is played in teams of two or more, then tipping is allowed to score points. For example: If Team A makes a saucer pass to the opposing HockeyShot Sauce Phenom, but is going wide or misses the HockeyShot Sauce Phenom entirely. A member of Team A at the opposing HockeyShot Sauce Phenom is able to tip of deflects the puck into the HockeyShot Sauce Phenom for one (1) point. However, if Team B interferes with the pass by tipping or deflecting the opposing teams pass. Team B would be penalized with a stick infraction, thus losing two (2) points for their team.
  • Face-off! Let the fun begin.