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Sauce Games: S-N-I-P-E


The hockey version of H-O-R-S-E, S-N-I-P-E is trick shot game that can be played with as many players that would like to play. Be the most creative, while successfully saucing the puck into the HockeyShot Sauce Phenom to win the game.

To start, create an order for the participating players. This can be done by players’ age, names in alphabetical order, next birthday or by simply saucing for the order of play.

The game starts by a player calling the challenge shot. The player must verbally call out the shot they are going to make before the actual shot. For example: A player may decide to use props or obstacles (lawn chair, barbeque, etc.) to complete the shot.

If the first player successfully sauces the puck into the HS Sauce Phenom by calling their shot. The next player in order must make the exact same shot. If the next player in line is also successful, then the game will continue until someone misses the shot. The player, who then misses the shot, will be assigned the letter “S”. The next player in order will then decide on a new challenge shot.

If everyone is successful, then the original player will decide another challenge shot. If the first player misses their shot, then the second player in order will decide the next challenge shot.

To win the game – Be the last player standing. After a player fails to make challenge shot, that player will be assigned a letter. After enough failed attempts, player will have received the letters S-N-I-P-E in succession, thus being eliminated from the game. When there is only one player remaining, that player is the winner.