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A great man once said, "You miss one hundred percent of the shots you don't take..."

So what are YOU waiting for? Grab a bag of pucks and stick and start practicing your shots on the HockeyShot Extreme Shooter Tutor! All hockey players LOVE the feeling of SCORING GOALS and this HockeyShot product helps you get there! With eleven target holes to aim for instead of five it doesn't take long before you're comfortable raising your arms above your head and celebrating the game winning goal!

Check out this video review by Jeremy Weiss. He's also got a shooting tips video coming out soon so stay tuned hockey fans!

This heavy duty nylon tarp fits over the mouth of any standard hockey net. Its durability can handle your hardest slap shot but it's light enough to carry with you no matter where you decide to practice. The unique bungee/steel wire attachment is designed for easy installation for any age. When you miss your target the tarp projects juicy rebounds to clean up in and around the net. Use the system regularly and you'll become a scoring threat and rebounding specialist from anywhere on the ice! The best part is, goal posts remain fully exposed so you always hear that sweet "PING" sound of BAR-DOWN or BAR-IN!

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Use the HockeyShot Extreme Shooter Tutor regularly and you’ll become a scoring threat and a rebounding specialist from anywhere on the ice!

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