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Advanced Pass & Shoot Drills

Skill Drills

Lots of great passing and shooting tips and drills can be found on In order to improve these skills, practice the drills below in an environment free of interruptions. Receive the pass with your back to the net, so you get some practice taking a pass, moving and shooting.

If you find yourself without a friend or team mate to practice with, our Extreme Passer Pro is a good tool for rebounding the puck back to yourself, so you can keep your practice going, without damaging walls, garage doors or your Mom’s rosebushes.

Drill #1 - The Pass, Receive and Shoot Forehand Shot Drill

Just like it sounds, this drill involves passing the puck to your partner, receiving a pass back, a quick stick handling move while spinning around 180°, before taking a shot from the backhand on net.

Drill #2 - The Pass, Receive and Shoot Forehand Shot Drill

This drill seems to be pretty much the same. Imagine you want to out manoeuver a defensive player. When you get the return pass, you will want to either sweep the puck with your stick as you pivot the 180°, or you keep the puck still while you skate around the puck to the other side to face the net. Then you take your shot.

Drill #3 – The Pass, Receive and Move to the Power Backhand Shot

This drill involves taking the pass with your back to the goal net on your forehand. You quickly push the puck away from your body, and flip the blade of your stick over the puck. Finally, you make a quick flick of your wrist with a backhander, hopefully over the goalie’s blocker and into the net for a goal.

Drill #4 – The Pass, Receive and Through the Legs Spin and Shoot Drill

If you want to get onto the highlight reel someday, or at least make some really cool moves on the ice to impress the puck bunnies out there, master this drill. Pass to your buddy, or the Extreme Passer Pro. When you receive the puck back, tap it between your skates, and then, pivot around so you catch the puck from yourself, and then make a snap shot into the right corner of the net.

You might want to practice this drill many times before you put it into use in a game. You want to get really graceful with it, and not end up looking up at the championship banners when spinning around the puck.

Drill #5 – The Pass, Full Spin and Receive Before Shooting Drill

This drill can be done with either a forehand or back hand shot. First pass and receive the puck after you spin around towards the net. Then shoot the puck, while the goalie’s jaw is still resting on his chest from your graceful techniques.

Drill #6 – The Pass between the Legs, Receive from Between the Legs and Shoot Drill

Here’s another cool drill you can have some fun with. Pass the puck to your partner or Extreme Passer Pro. Have the puck come back between your legs, and then take a forehand or backhand shot, depending on what you feel like doing. You might want to wear your jock strap for this one if you are prone to wild stick movement.

Practicing these drills will be a lot of fun, and greatly improve your passing and shooting skills. Have fun, work hard, and you’ll find you’re racking up more goals, and impressing the fans with your fancy stick work.

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