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Don’t Shoot the Puck!

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You were having a great day, everything seemed normal. Then, you went to, where the title of an article said “Don’t Shoot the Puck!”

It’s OK, no need to have your eyes checked, or to check the URL to see if you’re on the wrong site. The idea here is about changing your thought process, and taking an Advanced Shot, instead of your everyday puck pushing shot which tends to trickle down the ice with mediocre power.

Don’t just shoot the puck, flex your stick, and make a powerful shot by unleashing the power of the composite materials it was engineered with. This will work on a wrist shot, snap shot, or slap shot. Flex means power!

First, here’s how you shouldn’t be shooting:

Say your normal stick handling starting position is with your top hand on the end of the shaft, right in front of you, close to your body. The shaft is a straight line to the blade. You’re forced to push the puck along with the shaft of the stick as rigid as ever. No flex at all.

Here’s how you should be activating your stick for a powerful stick. Try practicing on a slippery surface like the Slide Board Pro when you first try the advanced shot, so you can get used to the stick’s flex on an ice-like surface.

  • Hold the shaft of the stick away from your body, and be sure it’s in front of the blade. When you are moving the puck, you will be building up pressure and flex on your stick.
  • There will be some resistance as you move the stick and the puck, but it’s a good thing. There may be bending. Keep sweeping the stick forward, and when you get to the point of release, give it a good snap, to propel it forward with power. If the opposing goalie stops your shot, make it sting a little bit on his, (or her) catcher hand.

Try the stick flex shot over and over, and be amazed as you build up power, and take full advantage of your stick’s flexibility. You might want to practice on some road hockey sticks while you get a handle on you power, but using a slide board or practicing on ice should be less destructive on your arsenal of sticks.

So next time you play hockey, practice, or are working out your goalie, don’t shoot the puck!

Flex your stick, and fire the puck instead!

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