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Barber’s Favourite Drills with the HockeyShot Edge Adapt Cones

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The amount of skills you can train with the Edge Adapt Cones are endless. From stickwork to incorporating your body into drills, check out the video to see what fun variations Barber comes up with using his Edge Adapt Cones!

At HockeyShot, we’re passionate about creating products that help players get more confident with the puck.

World renowned skill and stickhandling specialist Pavel Barber shares this mission. From delivering technical content and teaching his hundreds of thousands of followers through social media to leading skills camps across the world - Barber is consistently committed to pushing hockey development to a whole new level.

HockeyShot is innovating hockey training tools. Pavel Barber is innovating hockey development. That’s why we teamed up with Barber to create the ultimate drill series with HockeyShot products.

In this video, Pavel Barber showcase some of his favourite drills with the HockeyShot Edge Adapt Cones.

These cones are not your regular training cones. Customize your drills by adding a shaft (such as an extra hockey stick) into the slot in the cones, and get ready to improve your forehand and backhand skills. Take them with you anywhere - just throw them in your bag and they’re ready to go for your next training session.

Barber shows us skillful ways to use your body to protect the puck and get that one up when trying to get around a defender. The Edge Adapt Cones are the perfect tool to improve forehand and backhand strength!

Learn more about HockeyShot’s Edge Adapt Cones here! These versatile and transportable Edge Adapt Cones are the perfect training buddy to help you get more confidence with the puck. Pick up the Edge Adapt Cones to help take your stickwork game to the next level!