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Barber’s Favourite Drills with the HockeyShot Rush Defender

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Power-up your agility and hand-eye coordination with HockeyShot’s Rush Defender.

At HockeyShot, we strive to help you be the best hockey player you can be.

World renowned skill and stickhandling specialist Pavel Barber shares this mission. From delivering technical content and teaching his hundreds of thousands of followers through social media to leading skills camps across the world - Barber is consistently committed to pushing hockey development to a whole new level.

HockeyShot is innovating hockey training tools. Pavel Barber is innovating hockey development. That’s why we teamed up with Barber to create the ultimate drill series with HockeyShot products.

In this video, Pavel Barber showcase three of his favourite drills with the HockeyShot Rush Defender


These two stick-blade defenders come with a 2.5-meter cut-resistant belt to maximize your training. Designed to practice your up-tempo skating, sprinting and puck handling, the HockeyShot Rush Defender does it all! This product is crafted with durable rubber and steel to withstand anything coming at it.

Barber walks us through how hockey players can use this tool to practice high-speed moves. With fake passes/shots, toe-drags on both your forehand and backhand, and mohawk turns, Barber shows us his favourite drills with the Rush Defender. Players can use this tool to challenge and practice their stickwork, making them an absolute beauty on the ice.

If you’re looking to take your stickwork and deking game to the next level, pick up the HockeyShot Rush Defender and check out Barber’s drills to get you started!

Learn more about HockeyShot’s Rush Defender here! The multi-purpose capabilities of this product, along with the number of skills you can improve, give it great value for coaches, instructors and of course hockey players looking to boost his or her game.