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Stickhandling Series - Back Hand Flip Over Stick

Skill Drills

This is Drill #8 in the HockeyShot Stickhandling Series. This is a simple drill to develop control with the puck. All you need is a puck and a stick! View the video and follow the techniques below.

For this drill you will use the same hockey and hand position as you did in the basic stick handling drill. Place a stick in front of you and use a stick handling ball like the Swedish wooden ball or the smart hockey ball. Roll your wrist, flip the ball over the stick and catch it on the other side.

This movement has to be done in a fluent and controlled manner, if not you will lose control of the ball. Once you have caught and cupped the ball on the other side, execute a toe drag in a “J” shape motion before returning to your original position.

  • Flexible rolling action with your top wrist to cup the puck
  • Keep your arms relaxed and your bottom hand in a loose but firm grip
  • Blade positioned with an open face (like a golf wedge) on your backhand to pop the puck/ball
  • Maintain controlled, fluent movement and feel the puck on the center of your blade
  • Start slowly and progress faster once you feel comfortable with the stick handling action
  • Keep your head up and use your peripheral vision to see the puck