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Get Quick Hands with Stickhandling Balls

Skill Drills

In this video we are going to focus on getting quick hands with the Smart Hockey Training Ball* and the Swedish stickhandling Wooden ball as well. These balls have different characteristics that make them unique hockey training aids.

The Smart Hockey Training Ball has that similar feel to a real hockey puck and slides very well on any off-ice surface, while the Swedish Stickhandling Wooden Ball is very light and great to practice your quick hands.

Drill 1

In this drill, we really want to get familiarized with the Smart Hockey Ball and focus on the key elements in stickhandling, such as cupping the ball when going side to side in order to have complete control of it. When you get confortable doing this, you can really focus on speed, moving side-to-side, forward and backwards, etc. Now, with the Swedish Stickhandling ball, you can go even faster because the ball is so light. One of the key elements here is keeping your head up, while stickhandling to teach players to look for your teammates on the ice. Hockey is a fast game and you need to be able to react quickly to what your opponents does, so keeping your head up is crucial.

Smart Hockey Training Ball

The SmartHockey Training Ball is the only off-ice training device that matches the bounce, weight, height and slide of a real ice hockey puck. This is the perfect off-ice training tool as it allows players to practice their stickhandling and passing skills. The SmartHockey Training Ball is used with over 22 NHL teams, as it’s renowned to be one of the best products on the market today!

Swedish Stickhandling Wooden Ball

This 2' hardwood ball is a great tool that a player can use to develop soft, quick hands. Think of the Swedish Stickhandling ball as the 'Speed bag' of stickhandling training.

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*The Smart Hockey Training Ball is no longer available through Visit the Pucks & Balls page for our current selection.