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Hockey Passing Drills with the Extreme Passing Kit

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Passing is a very important skill for any hockey player to learn, but we don't all have a full sized rink in our back yard. This is where the Extreme Passing Kit comes in hand.

With the Extreme Passing Kit we can work on all kinds of different passing drills.

Sure working on forehand and backhand passing is fun, but in this article I want to challenge you to work on some more advanced passing techniques.

Passing on the move

Giving a pass and receiving a pass on the forehand is easy, so lets mix it up a bit. In this drill I want to get you moving. Pass the puck into the Extreme Passing Kit on your forehand and then quickly move to your backhand before the puck comes back. Now catch the pass on your backhand.

Now that you have the puck on your backhand pass it into the rebounder and move quickly to catch the puck again on your forehand.

This drill will teach you to coordinate your hands and feet together, and force you to give and receive passes while moving or a little off balance. Lets be honest, most passes in hockey aren't tape to tape anyways so this is a great drill to work on.

Right in the wheel house!

You are streaking down the wing, no other players in sight and hollering for a pass. Your centerman spots you and gives you a really hard pass... right into your feet. This could be the end of a would-be breakaway for some, but not for you! You have been practicing getting passes in your feet at home.

In this drill you will be passing the puck into the Extreme Passer Pro with your stick, but catching the pass in your feet. Immediately after getting the puck in your feet you will kick it up to your stick and repeat.

This drill should be done while moving around the shooting pad, with your forehand and backhand, and with both feet, inside and outside. This drill will prepare you for bad passes and make your more confident catching passes.

Passing on the move

You are coming in on a 2 on 1 with the defense taking away the pass across and the goalie taking away your shot. The goalie is really committed and the defensemen just lied down on the ice to completely take away your pass.... if only there was a way to still get your pass across.

In this drill we are working on the saucer pass, a vital skill hockey players need to feed passes over sticks and bodies.

Grab the Dangler from or another obstacle that you can pass over and under and put it a few feet away from the Extreme Passing Kit. Now work on passing the puck over the obstacle, into the slot of the Extreme Passing Kit and then getting the pass back under the obstacle.

The trick to this pass is a nice little chip pass over the obstacle. Start with the blade open and just a little off the ice. Chip down towards the puck and with a little wrist flick pull the blade in a little towards the body. This will float the puck over the obstacle and it should land flat into the Extreme Passing kit.

HockeyShot Extreme Passing Kit

Quicker wrists and softer hands will help you move the puck better. Work on both with HockeyShot’s Extreme Passing Kit, now featuring a larger front slope for longer rallies and more practice. You can even use it to feed yourself one-timers!