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Hockey Stickhandling Drills with the Hockeyshot Extreme Dangler

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You've got the dangler and you are getting tired of the 3 stickhandling drills that you know. Don't worry I am here to help. In this article I will be sharing 5 fun stickhandling drills that you can do with the Extreme Dangler.

Progressive Warm-up

This drill gets progressively more challenging and is a great way to warm up your hands. Set the Dangler up so that the first slot is easy to get through, the second one is harder, and the third one is only a little bigger than the puck.

First do 10 touches in front of the Dangler, now do 10 touches through the first slot, then 10 through the next, and finally 10 through the last slot. This drill will continue to challenge you as you move through the different slots.

Expand your Reach

This drill will help you expand your reach and control with the puck. Stand with your feet planted and knees bent with the Dangler set up vertically in front of you. Do 10 passes through the first slot and then reach out without moving your feet. Now do 10 passes under the middle slot, and finally reach out even more and do 10 more passes through the last slot, now do the same on the way back.

You can also move the puck quickly towards and away from your body by just doing one pass through each slot.

I like to Move-It Move-It

With this drill we are working on moving our hands and feet at the same time. Start with the puck off to your shooting side and stickhandle once through every slot of the Dangler, do it walking forwards and backwards. Now move so the Dangler is right in front of you and do the same drill forwards and backwards. Finish with the Dangler to your backhand side and repeat.

This drill helps teach you to control the puck around your entire body while moving.

Toe Drag Time

In this drill we are toe-dragging the Dangler and way we can. Be creative, you can stickhandle in a circle around the entire Dangler and finish with a toe-drag. You can try toe-dragging the entire Dangler length wise and then accelerating around it, or you can try toe-dragging through each slot of the Dangler.

HockeyShot Extreme Dangler

Designed with moveable middle legs, the HockeyShot Extreme Dangler gives you the freedom to create more custom puck control and stick-handling drills.

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