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Hockey Shooting Drills with the Extreme Passing Kit

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All it takes for a game-changing play is a single split-second decision, but hockey players need quick reactions and strong shooting skills to take advantage of those instant opportunities. That's why we offer the new and improved Extreme Passing Kit.

It's durable, portable, and easy to set up for stickhandling, passing, and shooting practice whenever and wherever you want.

Here are a few drills

For our first drill, line up the shooting pad straight toward the net and position the rebounder at the back of the pad so you can take any type of shot you want without worrying about hitting the rebounder. Picture yourself receiving a pass from a defenseman on your backhand and then trying to get a shot off fast. You do this by sending a backhand pass into the rebounder, catching it on the backside of your stick, moving your stick over, and then quickly firing it forward on net.

Another drill requires the pad to be positioned parallel to the crossbar of the net, with the rebounder on the end. For this one, pass the puck sideways into the rebounder, and when it comes back straight into your body, you can fire off a nice, hard one-timer.

A third shooting drill uses the rebounder at the very front of the shooting pad, which is pointing straight into the net like the first drill. Pass into the rebounder, receive the pass with the front of your stick, and take a nice, hard shot over the rebounder. Don't worry about stick handling or one-timers for this drill; just focus on getting a nice, soft catch and shooting the puck in one fluid motion.

Our final drill has the shooting pad facing at a diagonal toward what would be the corner of the ice rink, with the rebounder at the end, so that the puck comes back across your body — not into it — and forces you to get into a different shooting position. You'll have to catch the puck with your hands away from your body and then rotate your position to set up for a shot at the net.

These are just a few of the different shooting drills you can work on with the Extreme Passing Kit at home or on the go. Feel free to change any of them up to practice backhand shots as well, and move the shooting pad around to simulate situations where you're both close to the net and farther away.

Once you've got these drills down pat and are ready to build your stickhandling or passing skills, come back and check out the Hockey Passing Drills with the EPK article.

HockeyShot Extreme Passing Kit

Quicker wrists and softer hands will help you move the puck better. Work on both with HockeyShot’s Extreme Passing Kit, now featuring a larger front slope for longer rallies and more practice. You can even use it to feed yourself one-timers!

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