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Hockey Stickhandling Drills with the Passer Pro

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The HockeyShot Extreme Passer Pro is a heavy-duty training tool that can help you improve many of your hockey skills at home or on the go. Featuring two bungee cords, one or more players can utilize both sides of it.

Here we outline a few of the many stickhandling drills you can rely on the Extreme Passer Pro to deliver during your practices.

One easy drill that comes in handy for maneuvering around opponents during regular hockey play is this one. Start by sending a few forehand passes into the Extreme Passer Pro, then pull the puck toward your body and all the way around the Extreme Passer Pro to the other side. Then send a few backhand passes into the passer, and once again pull the puck toward your body and swing it around again. This is a good, simple drill that allows you to put in lots of repetitions and will eventually help you protect the puck when someone attempts to poke-check you. The better you get, the faster and faster you can do it, until you've attained a level where you can do it almost automatically when you find yourself in a game situation where you need it.

To add in some skating with your stickhandling practice, work on moving around the Extreme Passer Pro in a circle, occasionally passing into and receiving from it as well as doing a few moves as you go until you reach the open side of the Passer. Some moves that work well with this drill include passing through your legs, receiving passes in your backhand, and making quick moves while maintaining control of the puck.

A related drill is to take more of a straight line approach and skate directly at the Extreme Passer Pro, pass into it, and then perform one of any number of quick moves as you accelerate by.

You can also use the Extreme Passer Pro as a backstop while practicing toe drags or other similar skill-building drills so that if you miss and the puck gets away from you, it will just bounce into the passer and back to you for another try.

There are many other ways you can use the Extreme Passer Pro to get better with stickhandling, so be creative and use your imagination.

And if you're looking to change it up and put the Extreme Passer Pro to good use in your shooting drills, check out the tips and drills we recommend in the shooting video we created. Or take a peek at our product review to see how the Extreme Passer Pro can help take your hockey skills to the next level.

Extreme Passer Pro

Step up your passing game with HockeyShot’s Extreme Passer Pro. You can use it to work on shuffle passes, bullet crosses and even long leaders thanks to its wider passing slot. And with its new dual sided passing lanes you can now use it with a partner! Every team needs a Extreme Passer Pro!

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