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In-Tight Scoring: Swivel One-Timers

Skill Drills

Welcome to the In-Tight Scoring Series with legendary Skills Coach Pete Lenes, a.k.a. Swaggy P! This series is specifically designed to teach players how to take advantage of opportunities down low and in-tight so that they can score more goals!

At HockeyShot, we’re passionate about elevating hockey players’ skills to new heights. That’s why we set out to create the ultimate guide for players to score more goals with elite level instruction and drills from Coach Pete!

As a former D1 player turned 10-year pro, Pete Lenes is passionate about pushing player development to the next level. As the co-owner of Elev802 in Vermont, Pete works with elite players on refining their skills, creating more offensive opportunities, and becoming elite goal scorers. Swaggy P not only constantly pushes the limits of his local players, but also himself, quickly becoming one of the hockey community’s most followed coaches for his blend of high quality instruction, mind-blowing stick skills and puck control. 

And now he’s here to teach you!

Coach Pete shows us a few of his favourite drills players can use to develop confidence in-tight and unlock the skill to consistently put the puck in the net!

In this video, Swaggy P focuses on in-tight swivel one-timers and a little bit of hand eye coordination. Check it out!

Starting down low in the corner, just at the bottom of the face-off circle, act as though you’re getting a pass from your defense at the point. Pass the puck to the rebounder near the point, swivel your body and time it so that the power from the turn goes into your one-timer shot. 

As the goalie slides over to your side, it is important to aim where the net is empty. For this drill, when you swivel your body to shoot, aim in the top corner of the net that is furthest away from you.

Develop your reaction skills with this drill that simulates a real-game scenario.

Get out there and get training!