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Products That Will Help Improve Shot Power

Product Drills

Whether you are a beginner or advanced hockey player you should always be working on your shot. In fact the pro's likely practice their shot the most and they are already playing in the NHL.

To have a great shot you need to train your muscles to perform the action as easily as you can tie your shoes.

Must have products

A whole bunch of pucks The best way you can improve your shot is by shooting a lot. Aim to shoot about 100 pucks a day, but if you have it in you, shoot even more than that. The more you shoot the better your shot will become, you will have better accuracy, more power, and a faster release which will all result in you scoring more goals. Remember to always practice with the proper technique.

A smooth surface – This is another essential product for anyone who wants to improve their game at home. A smooth surface is the perfect place to practice stickhandling and shooting. By using a smooth surface your training area will be similar to the ice surface which helps you transfer the skills you learn off the ice onto the ice. A smooth surface will also help protect your sticks from wear and tear. I like the Roll-Up Shooting Pad

Products for Developing More Power

A Radar Gun – This is by far one of the most beneficial tools to have when you are working on your shot. The gun gives you instant feedback allowing you to tweak your technique and recognize how to get the most power out of your shot. The radar gun is also a great motivator as it allows you to set goals and you can see yourself getting closer to reaching them.

Weighted products – There are a few different weighted products on the market. I like weighted pucks the most as they are cheap and effective. Weighted pucks weigh twice as much as a regular puck and after shooting them for a while you can really feel the difference. You could also use a weighted hockey stick, or a weight insert to put into your stick. All of these products will help you build the muscles used for shooting. Just remember to start and finish your shooting with regular pucks so your technique remains consistent.

HockeyShot Extreme Radar

If you’re serious about becoing a sniper, start by tracking the strength of your shot. Nothing makes that easier or more affordable to do than HockeyShot’s Extreme Radar 2.0. It’s easy to set up and easy to see as you train your howitzer. It even has audio functionality if you’d prefer to leave your head down and keep firing.

Visit the Extreme Radar 2.0 page

HockeyShot Stick Weight

The HockeyShot Stick Weight is an excellent training tool that will help you develop the muscles used for shooting. Add or remove to your stick shaft in a few seconds. Increase your shot power and speed with our stick weights!

Visit the Stick Handling Weight page

Hockeyshot Roll-Up Shooting pad

The HockeyShot Roll-Up Shooting Pad is the largest Shooting Pad on the market today. It’s a great surface to practice off-ice shooting, passing and stickhandling. The roll-up feature makes it very easy for storage or to travel with. This Shooting pad can be used to simulate game situations and make a real difference in your game.

Visit the Roll-Up Shooting Pad page

Black Standard 6 oz. Pucks

Standard 6 oz. black hockey pucks, official size and weight. Manufactured by In Glas Co, an official supplier of the NHL.

Visit the Standard Hockey Puck page