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Collection: Home Skating Zones

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Build your own hockey rink indoors or outdoors with a HockeyShot home skating zone.

Home-ice advantage has come a long way. With our home skating zones, you can skip the trip to the arena and practice your hockey skills whenever and wherever you want.

HockeyShot’s home skating zones are customizable to your space at home and combine our Synthetic Ice - Revolution Tiles with more premium training aids in the US like our Extreme Defender and Speed Deke Trainers.

We offer combinations of home skating zones in the US that suit players' varying needs and skill levels. Train like the pros with any of HockeyShot's home skating zones.


Give yourself the home-ice advantage every time. Reap the benefits of having a HockeyShot home skating zone.

  • Bundle of premium training aid products
  • Train in the comfort of your own home
  • Removes the need to wait for ice time
  • Different types of skating zones available based on flooring tile needs
  • Comes with various flooring accessories
  • 4 sizes available
  • Removes the need to pack a heavy hockey bag
  • Skate, stickhandle, shoot and pass at home
  • Ideal for indoor & outdoor training
  • Slick real-ice feel
  • Perfect for garage, driveway or indoor use
  • Can order additional tiles for customized home skating zone
  • Cost-value


  • REGULAR or PREMIUM Revolution Tiles
  • Reactive Sniper X1
  • Speed Deke Trainer X1
  • 16” Shafts X3
  • Extreme Defender X1
  • Puck Stopper Edges X4
  • Edge Rebounding Foam X4
  • Smooth Edges X2
  • Green Biscuit X1
  • Extreme Dryland Pucks X2
  • HockeyShot Logo Black Standard 6oz Pucks X5