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Elite Playmaker Bundle

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The Elite Playmaker Bundle – Your All-in-One Solution!

Elevate your game to the elite level with our comprehensive bundle, packed with everything you need to become a true playmaker on the ice. This carefully curated collection includes the Radar 2.0, 4 Way passer, Sauce Phenom Travel kit, Edge Adapt Cones, 2 Pack, Coach Jeremy Kit and two v90 pucks.

Master your shooting accuracy and velocity with the Radar 2.0, track your progress, and compete with yourself for personal bests. The 4 Way passer sharpens your passing skills, creating dynamic, game-like scenarios for precision and timing.

With the Sauce Phenom Travel kit, practice your saucer passes and elevate your hand-eye coordination, whether at the rink or on the go. The Edge Adapt Cones add agility and obstacle training to sharpen your maneuvering abilities.

With the Coach Jeremy Skills in a Box, you'll have the stickhandling tools that will help you develop the skills needed to outmaneuver opponents and excel in the game. And, with two v90 pucks, which allows for even quicker stickhandling to hone your fast twitch muscle fibers for precise movement, you'll have the tools to practice and refine your shots, ensuring you're ready to dominate on game day.

Elevate your skills, become the ultimate playmaker, and gain the competitive edge with our Elite Playmaker Bundle. 

Elite Playmaker Bundle includes: 1 Radar, 1 4 Way Passer, 1 Sauce Phenom Travel Single Kit, 1 Edge Adapt Cone Set, 1 Jeremy Kit & 2 V-90 Pucks.


Improves Passing

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