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Pro Playmaker Bundle

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Discover the Pro Edition Playmaker Bundle – Your Ultimate Hockey Training Solution!

Elevate your game with this all-in-one training package designed to take your skills to the next level. The Pro Edition Playmaker Bundle packs a punch with essential tools and accessories that will transform your practice sessions.

Whether you're an aspiring pro or a dedicated player looking to refine your skills, this bundle has you covered. Featuring the Radar 2.0 for honing your shot speed, the 24" passer to perfect your one-timers, the Sauce Phenom Travel kit for unmatched passing accuracy, the Edge Adapt Cone Set for agility and precision, the Coach Jeremy Skills in a Box has the playmaking tools you need, and 2 v90 pucks which allow for even quicker stickhandling to hone your fast twitch muscle fibers for precise movement, this bundle is the complete package for every playmaker.

Take control of your training, unleash your potential, and become the ultimate playmaker on the ice. Don't miss your chance to own the Pro Edition Playmaker Bundle and step up your game like never before. It's time to elevate your skills and take your performance to the pro level!

Pro Playmaker Bundle includes: 1 Radar, 1 24' Passer, 1 Sauce Phenom Travel Single Kit, 1 Edge Adapt Cone Set, 1 Jeremy Kit & 2 V-90 Pucks.


Improves Passing

Show #HOCKEYSHOT How You Train