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Pro Sniper Bundle

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Discover the Pro Edition Snipers Bundle – Everything You Need for Precision Shooting!

Elevate your shooting skills to pro-level precision with our comprehensive bundle. The Pro Edition Sniper Bundle equips you with the ultimate tools to unleash your inner sharpshooter.

This bundle includes the Radar 2.0 to track your shot speed and accuracy, ensuring that you're always on target. The Reactive Sniper, Shooting Targets, and Shooting Pad create a dynamic practice environment that hones your shooting skills to perfection. The Extreme Goal adds a challenging element to your training, and the 10 pucks give you plenty of opportunities to find the back of the net.

Whether you're aiming to improve your wrist shot, slapshot, or snapshot, the Pro Edition Sniper Bundle is your secret to scoring success. Elevate your game, challenge yourself, and perfect your aim with this all-in-one shooting package.

Pro Sniper Bundle includes: 1 Extreme Goal, 1 Radar, 1 Reactive Sniper, 10 Pucks, 1 91 Shooting Target & 1 91 Shooting Pad.


Improves Shooting

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