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Hockeyshot Edge Dangler Product Spotlight

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The HockeyShot Edge Dangler is the ultimate training accessory to take your stickhandling skills to the next level. Create your own drills with this lightweight trainer and tailor it to any configuration to suit your training needs! Start improving your stickhandling abilities with the Edge Dangler.

The Edge Dangler comes with four legs and five feet. The legs are removable from the feet allowing for ultimate customization and countless drills. Take individual legs out and use them as stand-alone danglers, or attach them all together to create a network of danglers to stickhandle through. The height of the dangler is tall enough to train with pucks or stickhandling balls, so you’re not limited with your tool of choice!

With a very affordable price, the durability of the Edge Dangler does not disappoint. Made with steel shafts and polyethylene, it’s extreme sturdy both on and off the ice, regardless of the number of hits from sticks and pucks. The lightweight and portable design of the Edge Dangler allows for easy set-up and take-down. It easily sets-up in a few seconds, and conveniently collapses to fit into your training bag when you’re done. Take it with you anywhere you want to train!

If you’re looking for the perfect stickhandling performance builder for hockey players of any skill level, the Edge Dangler is your answer. Get a one-up on your opponent and take those silky mitts to new heights. Start improving your stickhandling and get training!

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