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HockeyShot Training Tripod Product Spotlight

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The HockeyShot Training Tripod is a great accessory to optimize your training. Easily attach your phone or Reactive Sniper to the tripod and record your drills or follow an online coaching session. You can film yourself to either share your sweet skills or look back and analyze your movements. The Training Tripod increases visibility for both the Reactive Sniper and your recording device. 

The Training Tripod is extendable up to five feet, making it perfect to pair with some of your favourite HockeyShot products like the Reactive Sniper or the HockeyShot Radar. You can also use it with a regular camera as it has a normal tripod mount, plus it comes with a mount for your cell phone, making it easy to attach and record. 

The bottom of the tripod has non-slip rubber feet, making it stable so it won’t fall down during your training. Extending up to 60 inches, this adjustable tripod makes it easy to put it to whatever height you need it at. The Training Tripod also comes with a carry bag to make it effortless to transport.

The HockeyShot Training Tripod is the perfect accessory to make the most out of any training session. The Training Tripod includes features such as:

  • Non-slip rubber feet
  • Carry bag included
  • Extends up to 60 in. (154 cm) in height
  • Includes an adjustable mount to attach your phone/recording device

With all of these amazing features, and at an affordable price, the HockeyShot Training Tripod helps any hockey player get the most out of their training sessions. Go get your Training Tripod today!

Visit the Training Tripod page to learn more.