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HockeyShot Extreme Radar 2.0 Product Spotlight

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Track the strength of your howitzers! The HockeyShot Extreme Radar 2.0 is a great addition for any hockey player's shooting set-up. Set it up within your training space, fire away, and have the Extreme Radar 2.0 detect the speed of your shots.

The Extreme Radar 2.0, has been upgraded from the original model to make it a better experience, like improving the accuracy of the speed readings, and the size of the detection zone. One highlight of every NHL All-Star game is the hardest shot competition. With the Extreme Radar 2.0, you have your very own hardest shot competition right at home!

The Extreme Radar 2.0 displays speed readings on a large red 2-1/8” 3-digit LED screen, which can be easily seen from a distance. It allows you to switch the speed settings to view in either miles per hour, or kilometers per hour and can capture speeds as low as 3 mph to as high as 150 mph. The Extreme Radar 2.0 also has an audio feature that reads out your speeds, so you can keep your head down and continue firing those shots. Through the speed recall setting, you can record your previous ten shots, making it easy to go back and evaluate.

This radar is great for hockey, but it's not limited to only that sport. Because it can read speeds from up to 30 feet away, it can also be used for other sports training such as baseball and lacrosse. The Extreme Radar 2.0 comes with an adjustable tripod to hold it in place for accurate readings and position it wherever fits your needs. If not in use, keep the radar and the tripod in the carry case included.

This is the perfect training accessory for any hockey player (or athlete) wanting to improve the strength of their shots and passes. By keeping track of the speed of your shot, you can track your improvement.

The Extreme Radar 2.0 has many upgraded advanced features such as:
  • Distance range: Up to 30 ft.
  • Speed range: 3 mph to 150 mph
  • Speed recall feature - recalls the last 10 recorded speeds
  • Audio feature announces reading speed
  • The Extreme Radar 2.0 is an ultimate game changer. Not only can you practice drills and shots, but you’re able to record them to track your improvement. Through the endless training possibilities either by yourself or with your teammates, this will enhance your space and your skills. Get the Extreme Radar 2.0 today, and get training.

    Visit the Extreme Radar 2.0 page to learn more.